Friendship Day Quotes For Friends

Wish you all the friends Happy Friendship Day.. These Friendship Day Quotes are dedicated to my friends and even you can dedicated them to your friends..

Friendship Day Quotes SMS

Finding a true best friend is like finding a pink rose out of a billion red roses.
Happy Friendship Day
A friend is a gift you give yourself and I am lucky my life is rich b'coz I have the precious gift of your friendship
A Best Friend is someone who can make you have the best day of your life, even when you're having the worst.
Happy Friendship Day
Friends are those who think and care about you when you are far away from them..
That's what we share,
doing thinks that we like,
with no complaints or fights,
for it's sheer delight Dear Friend,
just to be by each other's side!
Happy Friendship Day!!
When all the seasons will be dry,
When all the birds leave the sky,
When all the Friends say you "Good Bye"
You will found me there to say you Hii
Happy Friendship Day
Friends we are,
Forever will be,
Whenever we are,
You're right beside me
You mean the world to me,
I hope the same with you,
You're always helping me,
Whatever it takes you'll do.
Happy Friendship Day 2013

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